Causes and Treatment Options For Insomnia

People who have insomnia find it difficult to sleep, wake up feeling exhausted, wake up frequently during the night and/ or have difficulty going to sleep once awakened at night. As a result, they experience fatigue or drowsiness during the day, thus affecting their work or quality of life during daytime. This can lead to more problems such as mistakes while working, operating machinery or even driving that could have serious consequences.
Most experts agree that there is not a specific cause of the sleep disorder known as insomnia. Sometimes it is a result of several factors such as stress, depression, interruption in one’s normal routine, sleep environment and other health problems. Relocating to a different time zone where the body cannot immediately adjust to its normal sleep time might also be a cause. Some medication or food may also cause difficulty in sleeping.
In order to treat or find cures for insomnia, all these factors will have to be evaluated to try to find the main cause. For health problems, aside from treating the sleep disorder, the underlying medical problem has to be treated also. Consulting a physician to help find with the health issues is a must. For emotional and psychological causes, confronting the issues and finding ways to resolve the issues would go a long way towards solving the sleep problem as well as maintain one’s well-being.
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There are also some natural ways to treat insomnia. Among the most recommended include changing behavior or activities before going to bed and preparing the sleep environment to make it conducive to restful sleep. Abstaining from caffeine, alcohol and even nicotine a few hours before sleep is one. Another is to limit meals before bedtime; that is to say, taking a light snack before bed is helpful, but eating a large meal for the last main meal of the day is not. Make the bedroom as comfortable as possible. It should be quiet, dark and be at an ideal temperature that is not too hot or cold. Avoid bringing work to the bedroom so that the bed will not be associated with stressful activities.

Doctors would also recommend getting regular exercise for a healthier lifestyle. Others would recommend using natural supplements that would help one to calm down and relax and induce sleep and following a regular routine before going to bed. As man is a habitual creature, having a regular and a set routine for bed will help a lot in getting good quality sleep.

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