Proper Maintenance for Car Air Conditioners

AC problems in vehicle are one of the major issues. This problem may occur due to several reasons. Refrigerant leak is the foremost reason of this problem. If refrigerant is leaking from any components located at different areas, it can cause severe problem.

It is not an easy task to replace Car’s AC, because its components are not present as one unified unit like home’s window AC. But, some considerations are there which can help owners like:

• Finding actual signs of leaks

As mentioned above that refrigerant is an important component of an AC. So, first step is to find out the sign of refrigerant leak. In some systems, this component is present as UV dye which is neon yellowish green in color. It can be seen easily with the help of naked eye. All components, service fittings and hoses are needed to check thoroughly. By following the lines of fittings, it is easier to find out the exact location of leakage.

The condenser is an important part of car. It is usually located at the front side of the radiator. One needs to check the sign of any leakage nearby condenser. Most of the times, condenser may be found leak without getting any hit. Thus, if leaks are found at right time, it can save effort and huge amount of money as well.

• Use of Leak Detectors
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After, the reason of leak has been detected; another step should be its proper treatment. Refrigerant leak detector can help in this regard. There is a freon leak detector which can help one to detect a small leak as well. Some components are not easy to detect with naked eye, so with the help of electronic leak detector, such leaks can be find out at ease. But, one thing should be kept in mind that water may not enter into the leak detector otherwise it may get damaged.

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