3 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Cars

For an Pakistani family the two most expensive purchases are a house and a car. When it comes to the latter, you can save a lot of money by opting for second hand cars. This might raise a few eyebrows; a quick look into the facts can make you aware of the many benefits in a used car deal. The current volatile market has pulled the purse strings of most families. You have to responsibly manage your finances to meet all your needs. New cars are unnecessarily expensive and can upset your budget. In Pakistan you can easily find certified car resellers who offer a wide range of old cars in excellent condition. There are many advantages of buying a second hand car over a new car. Read further to know more.

Image source: https://www.autostore.pk

Save Money

A brand new car may be tempting, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Moreover, when you invest in a new car you quickly lose a lot of money in the form of depreciation. As second hand cars have a lower price tag they have a low depreciation value. When the new car is out of the showroom you lose about 20% and in the very first year there is an additional 10% of depreciation. In total you end up losing about 30% during the first year of ownership. If you go for used cars,there will still be some depreciation cost but the amount of money you lose will be very less.Moreover, the insurance costs are also less on used cars.

No Cost On The Accessories

Usually, the old cars that are on sale have all the basic accessories. You do not have to shell out money on foot mats, seat covers, audio system, protective glass film, anti-rust paint and in some cases anti-theft system. In most of the cases the previous owner would have equipped the car with all these basic car accessories. This helps you to save some more bucks and leaving enough room in your tight budget.

Buy Higher Model In Lesser Budget

You do not have to wait for another year to buy your dream car of a higher segment. You can easily get great deals on used cars of a higher segment that will fit comfortably in your budget. There are many reputed and certified second hand car dealers who can help you to find a great deal that matches all your requirements.

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