Singapore Package – Top 5 Beaches to Visit During Singapore Holiday

Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations on the planet. Its convenient location and salubrious climate along with its great tourism department contribute to the growing popularity of a Singapore package. This article takes you through to a Singapore tour and drops you to 5 great beaches which you must visit during your Singapore holiday.]

Singapore, in south-east Asia, is a wonderful place where any holiday lover would love to go. Its charming landmarks and superb atmosphere can give you the most orgasmic thrill you have ever experienced. Right from the stupendous Marina Bay Stand SkyPark to the Daintree Residence, everything about a Singapore tour is gorgeously refreshing. But some people simply head to the country to dig into its delicious beaches.

Here are the top 5 beaches you must visit during a Singapore holiday:

i. East Coast Park Beach: It is not a natural beach but a manmade one! Despite being an artificial beach, it scores for its stupendous beauty and panoramic scenery. A few sporting opportunities also present themselves to any potential adventure freak. Swimming can be enjoyed in these warm waters, and cycling and skating are must-do things. There are benches where people can simply sit with their loved ones and gaze at the wonderful beauty of the sea. Hotels, restaurants and resorts are just a stone’s throw away!

ii. Tanjong Beach: Any Singapore package will always take you to Tanjong Beach, the best of the lot offered by Sentosa Island. It is a heaven for the party lovers and the nocturnal tourists. It is quite panoramic too, and has a very positive mood with hundreds of revelers dancing and drinking. Even though, you can bring your family to this place, it is more suited for friendly get-togethers with old pals and for romancing with your spouse or girlfriends!

iii. Siloso Beach: Siloso has a very leisurely and unhurried look about it. Even its low tide and silent water bear testimony to it. The sand is plenty offering a soft carpet for tourists to walk on barefoot. The seemingly endless stretch of shore also makes for excellent locale to take a walk by the ocean. The presence of palm trees in copious numbers gives a very chilled-out feel to the whole place. Its tranquil waters also make it a hot & happening locale for swimmers. It is another must-visit beach during your Singapore tour.

iv. Changi Beach: Changi Beach is one of the new discoveries by tourists and is still growing in popularity. It is more like a picnic spot with plenty of room to walk, sit or camp. The airport is not far away. Therefore, one can get an excellent view of aeroplanes flying in and out of the region. There is plenty of grass and concrete on the sidewalks alongside the soft sand by the shores. If you are heading for a Singapore holiday with your kids, then this site becomes a must-visit.

v. Sembawang Park: A park-cum-beach, Sembawang relishes its natural beauty and green surroundings. There are some interesting sightseeing attractions located in the proximity. If you are a lover of history, then the heritage buildings & memorials around will give you a memorable time out. Your Singapore package may also include this seaside park.

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